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Some Like It Hot: Natural Spas around the World

Imagine floating in a clear, fresh, bathwater-hot spring pool. Perhaps tropical birds sing in the distance, or stars shine and moonlight illuminates you and your companions. Being a Sierra Mountain hiking enthusiast since childhood, the draw of natural hot springs seems inherent. It’s a great chance to relieve tired muscles, and chat with other travelers. But if a long soak in slightly sulfated water doesn’t just sell itself, the health benefits might. Mineral immersion has long been rumored to improve circulation and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis*. Around the world, hot springs are developed and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most beautiful natural spas around the world:

Our Favorite Natural Spas Around the World

Steaming pools are adorned by classic pillars in beautiful Bath, England!

Steaming pools are adorned by classic pillars in beautiful Bath, England!

Bath, England

Immerse yourself in luxury in historic Bath, England. Roman bath houses were famous sites of opulent leisure among powerful and intellectual leaders. Originally a Roman outpost, these lovely springs continued to be so enticing that Victorians, including novelist Jane Austen, savored their idle hours among them! Today, the heated pools are enveloped by a charming mergence of classic and contemporary architecture and luxurious specialty spas. Visitors may raise their glasses of fine champagne, receive massages, and dine on gourmet multi-course meals as they infuse with the minerals. A car rental in Bath, England will get you around this spa town with comfort, freedom, and unbeatable rates!

Saturnia, Italy

Legend tells of a time when the ancient God, Saturn, grew weary of humans and their incessant warfare. In frustration, he threw a lightning bolt at the hillside and hot water started to pour out of a crack in the earth. The hot water does continue to flow from that spot into cascading pools separated by effervescent waterfalls. Saturnia springs rest among a small, picturesque village in Tuscany. This charming village is located only an hour and a half from the alluring Port of Civitavecchia.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It’s easy to get to the Blue Lagoon with a car rental. This geo-thermal spa is only a 10 minute drive from Keflavic Airport. Set by a surreal volcanic landscape, this hot water spa bubbled forth in the 1970’s as a by-product of geothermal energy harvest. In this case, it is easy to live green! Iceland natives and visitors alike frequent this spa for fun and health benefits. Massage therapists offer in-water massage, and in the summer, it is possible to soak beneath the moonlight well into the night.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Escape winter chills among lush vegetation in these blue waters. Explore the unique stone grotto in this lively paradise. San Miguel de Allende was once a holy respite for Aztec emperors but was mostly forgotten until the mid 20th century saw a resurgence of visitors including 1950’s movie stars. Rent a car in Mexico, and you will be able to freely explore this large and gorgeous country.

* Disclaimer: Always consult a qualified physician before initiating any treatment regiment, natural or otherwise.

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