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“Perfect” Sandy Brings Travel to Standstill, Carolinas to Maine

Hurricane force winds inching up the eastern seaboard are crippling air travel for possibly the next 48 hours. Almost 8,000 flights out of New York’s JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Stewart and other airports in the region have already been canceled. Homes and businesses are battening down the hatches as far north as Portland, Maine.
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The delays and cancellations are reaching cities worldwide as flights from Hong Kong, Paris and London into east coast airports are grounded. Backed up waiting lists for flights into the US could delay travelers up to a week. Most airlines won’t reimburse stranded travelers if delays are weather related, further inconveniencing many. United, Delta, Jet Blue, US Airways and American Airlines are among the major carriers grounded until further notice.

Hurricane Sandy is a category one hurricane as of Monday, October 29, 2012, and as it makes landfall on the mid-Atlantic coast, it is expected to sustain 85 mph winds and gusts that are even more powerful. As of Monday morning, the storm is approximately 300 miles southeast of New York City.

Sunday night several subways in New York City were closed down, as well as Amtrak train service north of New York City. Monday morning Amtrak canceled trains on the entire east coast. Because of a large, slow moving cold front inching east from the Midwest, meteorologists claim that Sandy could develop into a rare “perfect storm” scenario resulting in widespread power outages, heavy snowfall for higher elevations and flash flooding for lower elevations along the entire eastern coastline.

Here in Portland, we are bracing for Tuesday, when the worst of the wind and water is supposed to hit. We’ll keep you updated on how we’re faring up here, but meanwhile, watch the weather unfold with our Casco Bay Harbor Cam.

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