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It’s 2010, Let’s Travel!

We hope you all had a great New Year’s weekend! Here in Maine, we got to ring in the New Year with 3 days of snow! The weather couldn’t be better for skiing or snowboarding. Just take a look at our harbor cam! There’s snow everywhere!

With the snowstorm of New Year’s Eve behind us, it’s time to start planning your next vacation. Where do you want to travel in 2010? Maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to run with the Bulls in Pamplona, toss tomatoes in Bunol, or spend the day strolling the streets of Paris with a loved one. Does a travel to Italy sound like something you are interested in? What about a winter get away to the European Alps for some world class skiing?

Wherever you want to travel in 2010, Auto Europe is committed to being your one stop travel shop, offering much more than just car rentals. We also offer airfare, hotels, cell phones, GPS rentals, chauffeur driver services, as well as sports and luxury cars. All you really need to decide is where you want to go, and we will get you whatever you need!

Don’t forget that for major events, it’s not uncommon for vehicles to sell out completely, so it’s important to book your vehicle as far in advance as you can. There are never penalties or hidden rental car fees for most vehicles, and you can always cancel for a full refund if you need to.

Some events that we are looking forward to in the next few months and the best places to travel to Europe in 2010 (all worth seeing):

Venice Carnival, Venice, Italy
February 6-16
Watch as people from all over Italy and beyond dress up in their finest Venetian masks and take to the streets for music, fun, and dancing!

Nice Carnival, Nice, France
February 13-28
This Carnival has more of a Mardi Gras feeling to it. There are daily parades, live music, parties everywhere, and good vibes for anyone who wants them!

St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland
March 17th
The entire city of Dublin takes a day off (except the pubs, of course), to celebrate this international celebration of all things Irish. The parade brings close to a million people who try to catch a glimpse of the traditional Irish music, dancers, and attire during the celebration!

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  1. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner

  2. We have recently started making videos here at Auto Europe. Great idea to use them more in our blog posts! Thanks!

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