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France Breathalyzer Laws: What You Need to Know

Last week we issued a press release regarding the new breathalyzer laws that are taking effect later this year. Here is a summary.

Auto Europe reports it is prepared to service clients when the new ruling in France requiring mandatory breathalyzers in all passenger vehicles takes effect. Effective later this spring, all motorists in France will be required to have a disposable Breathalyzer kit in their car for use for a self-check that they are not driving over the limit after drinking alcohol, Auto Europe says. Violators of the new regulation without kits in their vehicles will face fines. Auto Europe guarantees that all their vehicles at all French locations will be provided with the mandatory kits.

This news shouldn’t have a huge impact on North American tourists who wish to drive around with a car rental in France. The law will have an effect on residents of neighboring states who will be traveling into France with their own vehicles. Of course thanks to the EU rules, there generally won’t be searches, however if you get pulled over without one in your car, you may face a potential fine. That being said, it’s always best to let the clerk at the rental counter know if you are going to be traveling outside your country of pick up. You may save yourself some time, embarrassment, and even money!

The portable breathalyzers will be in every rental car before it is picked up. It’s similar to the safety kit that is required in many countries. It’s designed very simply, and it’s purpose is to curb drunk driving. If you feel you might have had a little too much to drink, don’t hesitate to use it. Many bars already have breathalyzers installed, so you may not have to even use the one in the car. In the event you fail the test, always call a taxi or try to make some other kind of arrangement.

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  1. Jaques McDoon says:

    Let’s hope this is a trend that will be followed everywhere.

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