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Auto Europe’s New Matrix Display: Simplifying the Car Rental Process

With over 20,000 pick-up locations in 180 countries around the globe, you already know Auto Europe can help you find an affordable car rental no matter where you’re traveling on your next vacation or business trip. But let’s face it, reserving that rental vehicle isn’t always the easiest process, and is typically the piece of the puzzle that gets worked in last minute. At Auto Europe, we understand that users want to find their rental as quickly and easily as possible, so in order to streamline this process, we have updated the display design of our search results. These are now presented in a straightforward, easy to scan grid (or matrix) format. Our booking engine has also recently been updated and is now equipped with a map feature that makes it easy for users to price compare by pick-up location. Here’s a closer look at each feature and why we think you’ll love them as much as we do!

Matrix Display for Rental Car Search Results

As a broker, Auto Europe works behind the scenes with an array of car rental suppliers in order to negotiate the best rates on rentals in a number of different pick-up locations. This can be a tricky concept to grasp since you’re not actually renting a vehicle directly from us, you’re simply benefiting from our relationships with these companies so you can get the best price possible. The new matrix format does a great job of highlighting this point by clearly displaying the search results according to car category and supplier. Users are able to easily scan the grid to select the vehicle that will best compliment their travel plans.

Auto Europe's new matrix display, all-inclusive car rental rates, best car rental rates

Car rental search results are now presented in an easy-to-scan matrix display.

Car rental categories are listed vertically on the left of the grid and suppliers are listed horizontally on top of the grid. This layout allows users to easily see the difference in price between the cheapest car in each category, making the process that much easier. Hover over a specific category and a description box will appear, providing a brief explanation of vehicles in this particular class. This box will also highlight how many passengers and how much luggage should be able to fit into a vehicle in this class – handy for larger parties who are trying to choose between an SUV and a van rental. The matrix layout also makes it easy for users to filter by supplier, allowing for easy price comparisons to be made with minimal effort.  Premium options can be accessed using the arrow placed to the right of the grid, allowing users to check out the selection of luxury and sports cars available in your host city.

Best rates for compact car rentals, Auto Europe's new matrix grid

Hover over a car category to get more information on associated rental vehicles, such as how many passengers they can accommodate as well as luggage space.

After you have made a category selection, you will see a list of all the different rental packages offered by various suppliers. This layout is very similar to our previous search display, and you’ll be served up details on excess refunds and zero excess packages and whether or not each is included in your selection. This is also the stage where you’ll select any additional equipment you will need. To filter your search results even further, simply click“Filter Results” in the right-hand corner on the top of the matrix.

Compact Car Rental Package Options

Learn more about basic package rates and available insurance packages by clicking on an offer.

Map Feature for Visualizing Pick-Up Locations

The new map view in the booking engine provides users with a better idea of where pick-up locations are situated around a city. This feature also allows for easy price comparisons at all locations, including airports, rail stations and downtown offices. For users planning on collecting their rental car at a downtown location in a larger city, the new mapping feature is extremely helpful, as it allows them to select the office that is closest to their starting point. Locations displaying a price higher than the original rate a user selected will conveniently highlight how much more expensive that price is, allowing the user to maintain control over what they’re spending throughout the process.

Paris Map View

Conveniently see where you can pick up your rental car in various locations around the city.

To select a pick-up location on the map, simply click on the marker of the location and hit “Select Location”. You can also add a different drop-off location by selecting the box on the left-hand side of the display window and choosing a second marker on the map. This would be classified as a one-way rental, which in some countries will require additional fees to be paid locally.

renting a car in Paris, Auto Europe's new map display

Auto Europe’s new map view makes it easy to price compare between rental car suppliers.

Check Out These Improvements for Yourself – Find Your Car Rental Now!

Simplicity is key, and we think these intuitive changes are going to make renting a car online not only cost-effective, but hassle-free as well. In addition to cost and convenience, there are numerous other advantages to booking your next car online, like being able to qualify for various web-based promotions and the ability to make adjustments to your rental up until 72 hours before pickup, anytime without penalty. Reservations can also be made over the phone by calling one of Auto Europe’s travel experts directly toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555.

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