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Surfin’ Safari: Great Beaches of South Africa

You can experience the exhilaration of mastering Mother Nature with nothing but strength, luck, and a nicely waxed board. Imagine yourself expertly riding a slick, cylindrical wave beneath the southern sun’s loving rays. If you’re looking to escape the sharp bite of winter winds, the beaches of South Africa are the perfect country to visit! Grab some waterproof sunscreen and hop into a South African rental car. You will be able to savor plenty of sun and surf at these gorgeous South Africa beaches!

Best Beaches of South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay
It’s an easy hour drive to Jeffrey’s Bay when you pick up a rental car in Port Elizabeth. The charming town provides abundant amenities and a relaxed beach culture reminiscent of the 60’s hippy surf scene that kicked off this popular destination. In the right weather, an expert surfer can hit a break just right and expect to ride nearly half a mile! It’s due to the extraordinarily long tube that this spot is named #2 best surfing beach in the world! At nearby St. Francis Bay, you can also take the waves that were first popularized by the 1966 cult surfing film Endless Summer. If you start to feel a little waterlogged, you can dry off and enjoy delicious seafood, or see rare wildlife when you visit a nearby nature reserve or do some whale watching!

Kalk Bay Reef of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

There are so many great reasons to spend time in Cape Town, and surfing tops the list! The dramatic coastline features a number of gorgeous beaches, but surf experts flock to Kalk Bay Reef for consistent breaks and powerful barrels. If you’re a beginner, Cape Town will have a selection of instructional courses to get you familiar with the board and the breaks, and help you fulfill your surfing dreams. While you are touring the beaches of Cape Town, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to Boulder’s Beach, the natural home of a protected colony of African penguins! You will also find a plethora of nearby golf courses when you tour Cape Town in a rental car. For an outdoor adventure that shouldn’t be missed, try hiking Table Mountain or simply catching vista views of the city and coastline from the swift cable cars!

Victoria Bay, Wilderness
Rent a car in George and explore Western Cape’s gorgeous “Garden Route.” Right outside the city is the beautiful Victoria Bay, a cozy but beloved spot for surf and sun. Local competitors find this a worthy site for both district and national level surf competitions with its rolling swells and consistently long breaks. The comfortable but little city of George hosts abundant natural scenery. It’s proud of its breathtaking roadways and long rail history. The nearby sites include over 10 miles of coastline and ecologically important wetlands of Wilderness. There you will be delighted to find flocks of bright flamingos and other rare birds in their natural habitats. And it’s an easy trip from here to the eclectic town of Knysa, the enthralling “Place of People”, where you will find dramatic mountain views and a thriving arts culture. If you have questions about driving in South Africa, check out our helpful driving guide!



Durban, South Africa

For a surf center featuring multiple exquisite surfing spots, head to Durban! This coastal city is blessed by the warmth of the Indian Ocean and a long strip of soft sand. New Pier carves the incoming swells and consistently creates world class waves and the reefs of Cave Rock often explode intense oceanic walls that are more than 10ft in height! Novice surfers needn’t feel intimidated, though, as there are beaches and surfing points all along Durban’s Golden Mile that are gentler and appropriate for all levels. After you’ve mastered the seas, you can hit this sun-soaked stretch and find nightlife, spas and shopping aplenty! From Durban, you can easily meet exotic animals in their natural habitat when you begin your own safari adventure at the nearby nature reserves! Imagine catching high morning swells and then spending your afternoon face to face with a hippo, only to finish off the day with a night on the town. A car rental in Durban makes this all possible, and more!

East London
You’ll feel the epic power of the Indian Ocean when you soak your board at Nahoon Reef in East London! This beach is celebrated by world class surfers, but the entire city of East London is an adventure paradise. Between surfing, windsurfing and scuba expeditions, visitors will enjoy catching either soccer matches in the palatial Buffalo Park Stadium. Extreme athletes can also partake in East London’s picturesque annual 100 mile coastal ultra-marathon or infamous triathlon, all beset by sparkling ocean front and a friendly laid-back culture.

Beach enthusiasts will find paradise while roaming freely among the unique country of South Africa with the comfort and convenience of a rental car. Auto Europe’s large fleet ensures that your tour of the best beaches of South Africa adventure will meet your needs, whether you are planning a Kruger safari or a surfin’ one. For the best rates and unbeatable service on a South Africa car rental, call us toll-free today at 1-888-223-5555!

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