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Hidden Glasgow

Glasgow Scotland Road SignEven though Glasgow is the larger of the two cities it often plays second fiddle to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has a surplus of monuments and sightseeing destinations, but Glasgow should not be overlooked. Culturally Glasgow rivals Edinburgh and for the traveler that is willing to dig a lit bit deeper they will find a burgeoning music and arts scene.

Hidden Glasgow: An Insider’s Tour

Glasgow’s live music scene is unrivaled in Scotland. There are over a hundred shows in any given week. And while the opportunities to take in traditional Celtic music are countless that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Glasgow is well known to indie music fans for its prolific output of musical talent. Luminaries of the contemporary Glaswegian scene include Camera Obscura, Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Kode9 (big up dubstep), and of course the always effervescent Belle & Sebastian. Any night out in Glasgow and you might catch the next name to be added to that list.

In the constantly changing current of the international art scene Glasgow’s is currently the pinnacle of cool. It is the place to be if you are a working artist looking to be recognized. If you are a tourist this means that you can witness the cutting edge in art. The galleries of Glasgow house some of the most innovative and interesting artwork in the world.

If you like to mix the new with the old there are some great ways to do that as well. In November the first annual Glasgow Whisky Festival will be held and it should be the start of something great. The festival will highlight Scotches from Glasgow and the surrounding area with over 40 vendors pouring drams. Scotch should not be drunk on an empty stomach and there are quite a few establishments doing traditional Scottish food with a modern flair in Glasgow. Cail Bruich West is centrally located and they are well known for using quality local products with a clean sophisticated presentation.

So travel to Glasgow, Scotland and immerse yourself in the scene. You might not come back!

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