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Casino Royale: The Seven Wonders of the Gambling World

Popular Gambling Destinations around the World

For those of you that enjoy the thrill of testing your luck at games of chance, the opportunity to play in some of the most luxurious and historic casinos in the world would be a dream come true. Being a fan of the skillful wager myself, I thought I would make a list of the top 7 casinos in the world, both for those who have the opportunity to go, and for those that merely enjoy the idea of sitting down in some of the finest gaming establishments on the planet. To make things more interesting, I figured I would do a countdown over the next week, leading up to what I think is the finest casino in the world. If you’ve been to any of these places, please write in, I would love to hear some first hand stories of your experiences.

7.Sun City Casino, South Africa:

Just two hours outside of Johannesburg, the Sun City Casino is a mind-boggling resort in both its scale and luxuriousness. Set in the heart of South Africa, the resort itself boasts stunning views, easy access to scuba diving and guided tours of the jungle. There’s even a giant wave pool. Located in the most opulent part of the complex is The Palace of the Lost City. Here you will find the immaculate and architecturally stunning casino, with 852 slot machines and 38 tables to play American Roulette, blackjack, stud poker and Punto Banco. Put on your best clothes and stroll through the main floor, removed from the every day world in the heart of the African bush landscape. Playing here is not only incredibly exciting; it’s a truly surreal experience in and of itself.

6.Grand Lisboa, Macau, China:

Here you can test your luck in one of the oldest gambling destinations in the world. Originally the casino tables were licensed to the Portuguese back in 1847. A visit here will make you see why 20 million visitors come to Macau each year to gamble. The area has some of the finest Casinos in the world, but you’ll definitely want to visit the Grand Lisboa. Shaped like a giant yellow Lotus flower, the casino has 200 tables and 300 guest rooms on 40 floors. Macau is the only place in China that has legalized gambling, so let it ride in this modernized Forbidden City. Play your favorite games with people from all over the world in one of human history’s oldest countries, regardless of the outcome; you will never forget your time in Macau.

Next week we’ll continue the countdown with a handful of the top 5 gambling destinations in the world. Until then,

Safe Travels,

Ted Phelps

Customer Travel Consultant

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