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Arthurian Britain

car rental Great BritainIt is an odd thing how certain legends are more legendary than others. The world is filled with mythology. Every culture has their own, and the cast of gods and heroes is countless. So why is it that some heroes rise to the top? The most famous in my mind is King Arthur. Arthurian mythology created the framework for the modern fantasy genre. I would go as far as to say that there would be no Tolkien without King Arthur.

The legend of King Arthur is set in Great Britain and while some of the locations are fictional or lost to time, some are based on real places. Pendragon Castle in County Cumbria, UK is thought to have been built by Uther Pendragon, King Arthur’s father. Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, UK is said to be where King Arthur was conceived. The character of Merlin, famous in his own right, is said to have originated in Wales. Whether King Arthur was a real man, an amalgamation of historical figures, or pure fiction, his legend endures and continues to capture the imagination.

You can follow the trail of Arthurian landmarks and see some of the most beautiful parts of Celtic Britain at the same time. The Cornish coast and Wales are both known for their rugged natural beauty and scenic villages. Explore the legendary with a car rental in England.

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